6 Best Transcription Software for Your Business

There are many different transcription software solutions for businesses. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of software. For example, you can opt for verbatim transcription if you want to include minor dialogue details in your documents. Other benefits include application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable you to integrate the software with other applications. Ultimately, APIs can help you streamline your work and cut transcription costs.

You should choose the software that offers the features and functions that you need to have an easy-to-use experience. It should be intuitive and have easy-to-use controls and an intuitive user interface. It should also be capable of converting audio or video files into text. Advanced software can provide more features and options but is still simple to use. Here are some tips for choosing the right transcription software for your business:

You should look for software that offers security. An NDA protects your sensitive information. Make sure to read the privacy policies of any transcription software provider. You want to use a company that offers strong privacy protection and confidentiality. Regardless of your business, a good transcription provider should be able to meet your needs and protect your privacy. Don’t let a transcription software provider use your confidential information without your permission.

RankSoftwareEasy-of-useValue for moneyCustomer supportFunctionalityOverall
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1. Rythmex

Rythmex - audio to text converter


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If you’re looking for the best transcription software for your business, Rythmex is one of the best options out there. Its streamlined interface makes it easy to use, even for beginners. It comes with a comprehensive guide, easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, and a glossary of common transcription terms. In addition to being able to produce high-quality transcripts, Rythmex is also easy to use from anywhere, including on the go.

One of the best things about Rythmex is its price. Transcriptions start at $0.25 per minute. Using this program is affordable for businesses with a limited number of employees. You can also use it for one-off transcription projects. The price of transcriptions varies depending on the length of the audio file, but it’s generally less than $0.25 per minute. Alternatively, you can choose to use an online transcription tool.

2. Descript

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Another popular transcription software is Descript. It combines a screen recorder, editor, and transcriber into one seamless app. Users can easily edit the textual transcription by adding or deleting speaker labels. Additionally, Descript also features a powerful collaboration feature. The completed project can be shared with multiple users, including team members. Moreover, it offers cloud-based syncing and screen capture for team players. 

The first step in choosing the best transcription software for your business is to consider what it can do for your business. If you plan on transcribing many files, then you should choose a program that supports multiple users. Descript is an example of a program that does this. This program combines a screen recorder, editor, and transcriber. It also includes AI-powered publishing tools. 


3. Sonix



If you’re in need of high-quality audio to text transcription service, Sonix is a great choice. Its automatic speech recognition platform, powered by deep learning neural networks, can process noisy audio and video and punctuate transcripts automatically. 

It recognizes each channel separately and combines multiple recordings into a single transcript. Additionally, Sonix offers an API that allows for customization and productivity. Even more, its scalability makes it ideal for businesses. 

While there are dozens of automatic audio to text converter tools, you’ll want to find one that’s easy to use and offers the highest accuracy. You can choose from automatic software or human-based transcription. Some even offer mobile apps and can upload audio and video files. Some also feature built-in editing tools and the ability to create timestamps. As a general rule, Sonix is the best transcription software for business. 

4. Trint

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The Trint platform is a powerful transcription software designed for businesses. Unlike traditional transcription software, Trint allows you to build a custom vocabulary and insert jargon or difficult words into the system. Because of its flexibility, you can use the software to transcribe audio to text. You can also search for specific moments in the recording and comment on them with ease.

This AI-powered platform is an audio to text converter online, making them editable and searchable. Using the software, you can share stories with your team. You can record content live and pull key quotes from it later with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Then, you can collaborate with others and share the finished transcript. This software is also highly flexible and allows you to work with other users to create new content, collaborate with colleagues, and edit the transcripts. 

5. NCH Software

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NCH Software is an Australian software company that was founded in 1993. It is headquartered in Canberra, Australia, but in 2008 opened an office in Colorado to serve its growing customer base. This company sells primarily to individuals through its website. The software includes programs for accounting, project management, and database management. The company offers a variety of subscription plans, including one that helps users track their time and bill expenses. To learn more, visit the NCH Software website. 

If you’re interested in downloading one of NCH Software’s products, the free trials are for a month only. After this period, you must purchase a license to continue using the software. You can, however, use a limited free version of their software. However, many users complain that the free versions of NCH Software products expire, and they must pay for the full version. If you’d like to try their software before purchasing, you can check out their list of old versions.

6. Audext

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If you are looking for reliable and affordable audio to text transcription software for business, Audext might be the perfect solution. With its advanced technology and AI assistant, Audext recognizes and transcribes audio files, creating rich notes from interviews, meetings, lectures, and voice chats. The app even allows you to collaborate with other team members and proofread and edit your work. Moreover, the free version of Audext is perfect for businesses.

With its comprehensive set of advanced AI algorithms, Audext is reliable and fast audio to text converter. The program supports a wide range of file formats, including MP3 and WAV. Additionally, the software is compatible with many third-party applications, including Adobe premiere pro and Zapier. Users can also save transcribed files in various formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word. Moreover, Audext is the best transcription software for business because it has no additional software to install.


When choosing the right convert audio to text software, accuracy is of utmost importance. Most high-quality audio transcription services have an accuracy rate of 90+%. However, background noise, microphone type, and the way a person speaks can all influence transcription accuracy. Custom vocabulary can include the words you need for your business. If your goal is to save money, it is essential to find a transcription service that offers a free trial.