10 Best Text to Speech Software With Natural Voices

Are you in need of some text to speech software to help improve your learning? Find out the top 10 TTS applications in this guide. 

As school approaches, students and parents alike should know the resources available to them as they prepare to tackle a new year, new grade, and newer learning challenges. Text-to-speech software is good for students with dyslexia and helps promote and enhance their literacy skills. Here are the top 10 text to speech software that’s available on the web:

RankSoftwareEasy-of-useValue for moneyCustomer supportFunctionalityOverall
2Natural Reader9091909792
4Text To Speech Demo8284969489
5TTS Reader8982899288
6From Text To Speech9370909587
7Text 2 Speech9089868387
9Readspeaker Voice Demo9494867086

1. Naturaltts


  • IVR Voice Generator
  • Broadcast for Business
  • 47 Natural Voices
  • Save audio in .WAV and MP3
  • Realistic Voice Generator


Last on our list is Naturaltts, which is the best text to speech software for individuals and professionals. The website has a free version that allows you to type up to 200 characters. Once registered, you’ll have access to unlimited characters and premium voices available. 

And its paid features are made to improve your reading comprehension. It comes with a maximum of 10 languages and 47 unique voices to help speak in any language making it easier for ESL students. 

If you’re trying to create your own voice for your channels, Naturaltts has you covered. It has an IVR voice generator which allows you to turn your text into speech. With its pitch and voice speed controls, you’ll have more control over your reading content and can read easier.

2. Text To Speech Demo


  • Multilingual Support
  • Record audio
  • Customized vocal effects (echo, reverb, etc.)
  • Reads Word, PDF, and text files out loud
  • Natural Sounding Voices


TTS Demo is a great software for students suffering from reading disabilities. Teachers can provide audio versions of their articles to their students, and have them available as podcasts. Because of this, you won’t have any problem learning with this device. 

How does it work? TTS Demo requires the text language to match the voice language. However, mixing languages won’t produce the best results. The audio is then streamed to the client, as it becomes produced. The audio is returned to mp3 format which can be played via Audacity and VLC players.

In fact, this software is used to improve ESL pronunciation and reading. Also, you can listen to the news in your field by making audio files of the RSS feeds. With so many features available, TTS Demo is the best text to voice software for students wanting to master their reading disabilities. 

With over 20+ languages available, TTS Demo helps international students increase their comprehension. You can change the speed of the text, making it easier to analyze text and read it faster. So think about this text-to-speech software the next time you want to make reading easier for you and your students.


3. TTS Reader


  • Export speech to audio files
  • Multiple speech rates
  • Highlights spoken text
  • Convert text to MP3 and WAV files
  • Converts PDF, texts, and eBooks to speech


TTS Reader is a text-to-speech software package that allows you to read .wav and .mp3 files. We like that the software is made of freeware. Therefore users can download it and use it for free. For those wanting more efficient features, there is a paid version available. 

Children who are struggling with reading comprehension will find TTS Reader useful to their learning. It highlights the text being currently read so it can be easily read by the eyes. Thus, making it easier to break down the difficult text and read it properly. 

This text to speech software has high quality naturally sounding voices. This includes male and female voices, different languages and accents. By using TTS Reader, you can convert text to MP3 and WAV files, making audio reading a breeze. 

4. Natural Reader


  • Works with PDF files, eBooks, webpages, and more formats
  • Loads email attachments, computers, and Dropbox files
  • Tap a sentence, and Natural Reader will read it aloud
  • Increase or Decrease the voice reader speed
  • 30 natural voices in 5 different languages


Natural Reader is a free text to speech software that allows you to convert text into spoken word. Instead of having to see through a small screen on your iPhone, you can have text read to you in the software’s 18 unique voices (offline mode).  

Parents should know that Natural Reader can be used to help their child hear the text being read aloud to them. After downloading it directly on your computer, it’s simple to use. Simply copy and paste the desired text and start listening. 

Natural Reader’s software has a free version as well as some paid features depending on your needs. The paid version offers one of the best text to mp3 features available, allowing readers to convert their files into MP3, Word, PDF documents and more. 

There is a quick tutorial that teaches you how to use the software, making it more user-friendly than other products. Also, Natural Reader is great for students with dyslexia or other learning ailments. By hearing the text in audio instead of reading, students can detect spelling issues in their own work or improve their reading comprehension. 

5. OddCast


  • Users can manipulate the pitch, tone, and speed of their audio playback
  • No programming skills needed – type in the text you want the software to speak
  • 30+ Languages
  • 185 different male and female voices
  • APIs are available to developers


Oddcast is one of the best text to speech programs available. It has a good balance of quantity and quality with its voices. 

Oddcast supports multiple English accents and languages. It supports both male and female voices, so you can decide on which one is better for reading purposes. However, if you want to save recordings to your hard drive, you will have to record the desktop audio since there’s no download option. 

The software is used for teaching children the basics of reading comprehension. Students can record themselves copying the software’s voices and listen to it later to evaluate the differences. For one of the top text to audios for children’s grade K-9, Oddcast is a good option. 

It features powerful emotive cues that allow you to customize the text delivery, controlling emotional content (crying, sneezing, laughing) and the character behavior (when combined with the character technologies).

6. From Text to Speech


  • Convert text to MP3
  • 5 Natural Sounding Voices
  • 4 Speed Settings
  • 8 Languages


From Text to Speech is the best text to speech voices for students. This software allows users to convert text into multiple audio formats and its not available to one device. It’s available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones, making it one of the more learning versatile software on our list.

When entering the website, you can paste your text inside of the Pastebin. Here, you can place of 50,000 characters of text to be read aloud. It has 5 voices available, (John, Alice, Daisy, George, Jenna) giving you multiple options to read your text aloud.

Text reading control is important for any text to speech software. Fortunately, From Text to Speech has 4 different speed settings (Slow – Very Fast), making it easier to adjust the speed based on your reading level. 

7. Text 2 Speech


  • Custom rate export
  • 6 Unique Voices
  • 5 Speed settings
  • Maximum 4000 Characters


Text 2 Speech is the best text to speech software that converts text to immediate speech. Simply type in the software so it can read written text aloud to you. It includes playbacks at a custom rate, and files can be exported to WAV and MP3 format. 

When entering the website, you can type in your text into its simple interface. The text can be read in 4 English and 2 Indian voices. Due to its versatility, international students will find it easier to read foreign text using this device. 

The talking speed has 5 settings, which can be adjusted to your listening needs. This is a great feature as it allows you to hear your favorite text so you can hear it. Thus, students with dyslexia can read faster due to this product.

8. iSpeech


  • Automatic Transcription
  • Audio Capture
  • Give Voice to Any Text
  • Multi-Language
  • Multiple Devices


Users like the free edition of the iSpeech app. Its simple interface allows you to tap on the screen and start typing. Once the text is entered, you can hear it in a natural sound, as it has over 30+ different languages to help improve your comprehensive.

iSpeech is good for text-to-speech reading in multiple audio formats. It can read text from chat apps and document formats and save to MP3, WAV, ogg, vox ulaw, alaw, wma, and other audio formats. 

When there were issues present, iSpeech has a 24/7 support team that has helped us solve our problems. Once contacted, we were able to fix the software’s issues in less than an hour. Due to iSpeech’s customer support team, we can say that this app is designed to assist readers of all levels. 

9. Readspeaker Demo

ReadSpeaker logo


  • It supports multiple voices and languages
  • Highlighting colors
  • Supports customized reading speed, area, and order
  • Pronunciation Dictionary
  • Works on all mobile devices and uses the latest web standards


Readspeaker is one of the best online text to speech software for students and adults. It enables online content in more than 100 voices and 35 languages. This platform provides web text-to-speech solutions for mobile apps, mobile sites, RSS feeds, online campaigns, and online forms and documents. 

Additionally, Readspeaker enables users to read online content, including course materials and textbooks. This makes them more accessible for students that have vision problems, cognitive issues, and learning disabilities. 

It can be used as a learning and teaching aid for online and traditional classroom settings and gives your students the option to listen to coursework on your tablets, cellphones, or computers. You don’t have to download any additional software; you just have to click and read the content of your course. 

10. Readspeaker


  • Highlighting Colors
  • Compatible for Android and iOS devices
  • Latest Web standards in HTML/CSS
  • Supports 30+ Languages
  • Multiple Voice Per Language


Readspeaker is a platform that provides online text-to-speech services which are used by users, websites, and businesses worldwide. In fact, the company is known for producing the first speech enabling for online sites. 

We like that Readspeaker can be used on all forms of devices. For example, it uses the latest HTML/CSS standards and can work on all browsers and operating systems. It enables online educational content such as course materials and textbooks and makes them more accessible for students with vision problems, learning disabilities, or cognitive issues. 

It can be used as a learning or teaching aid online or in the classroom. With ReadSpeaker, students can listen to the teacher’s course readings via desktop, laptop or tablet. Students don’t have to download any software; all they have to do is use Readspeaker to check up on their courses.


Remember, the best text to speech software with natural voices on this list will depend on your academic level. For instance, Naturaltts is a great all-purpose tool, if you’re trying to learn or develop a voice for your YouTube channel. Or you can use iSpeech if you want to use mobile software for your iPhone. No matter which software you’ll use, you’ll find it easier to improve your vocabulary, reading speed, and overall comprehension levels.